Parking In Yards

Car parked in yard

In February 2007 the Deer Park City Council passed an Ordinance (Ord. 3129) against parking vehicles in yards. The Ordinance states...

Sec. 66-97. - Parking in yard. 

  1. No property owner or leaseholder shall allow any persons to park any vehicle, trailer, boat, recreational vehicle, personal water craft, all terrain vehicle or any motor propelled vehicle anywhere on the front yard residential lot, except in the garage or driveway, for more than two consecutive hours. Driveway shall be defined as an area perpendicular to the street, running between the street and the house in a location on the lot aligned with the garage or the part of the house where the garage was originally located and only as wide as the original garage. Paved surfaces commonly used as a driveway at the effective date of this section shall always be considered the driveway for purposes of this section. Driveways of greater than 20 feet in width are permitted provided they are paved with either concrete or asphalt and received a permit for construction from the public works department. Circular driveways are permitted if they are in existence as of the effective date of this section. Circular driveways may be permitted after the effective date of this section if they are not more than 15 feet in width, extend from the street to the street or another driveway, and are surfaced with either concrete or asphalt. For purposes of this section, the front yard of any residential lot shall be considered the yard area between the residence and any adjacent public street.
  2. Any person who violates will be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $50.00 to $250.00 upon conviction.

(Ord. No. 3129, § 1, 2-20-2007; Ord. No. 3216, § I, 8-19-2008)

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