Station 2

Land for station 2 was set aside in the early years of city development. At the time, city management never dreamed a station would ever be built on the south end of the city because there was no homes in this area. In 1972, Station 2 was constructed and opened for service in 1973. Deemed at the safest building in the city during a hurricane, this concrete and brick structure currently houses the largest population of the volunteers. Set up with ability to house personnel 24 hours a day, station 2 often has EMS providers and fire fighters present at all hours. 

Station 2 is also the home of “Sparky” the fire dog. Unlike other dogs, the fire department’s “Sparky” never needs to be fed or taken for a walk. “Sparky” is made out of metal. He still has the traditional fire dog colors of white with black spots. You can find “Sparky” on guard inside the day room area.

Lastly, Station 2 houses the fire department gym named "Deuce & A Half Gym", which is open to all Deer Park Fire Department Members. Established in early 2015 by the Station 2 Fire line officers along with the support of the membership...what started out with 1 donated bench and a few free weights has grown to many pieces of equipment and various daily users. We strive to be ready for any challenges we face and "Deuce & A Half Gym" will allow us to be physically prepared for them.


​19 Firefighters
9 Dual service, Fire/EMS 


-2012 Pierce Puc 1500 GPM Rescue/Engine. 

-2017 Pierce Puc 1500 GPM, 107' Ladder Truck

-2002 F350 Brush Truck 

-18’ Rescue Boat 

Physical Location:

711 East Pasadena Blvd.

Deer Park TX 77536