State of the City 2019

If you missed this year's State of the City presentation, check it out below!

2019 State of the City publication: Read the PDF here!

During his address this year, Mayor Jerry Mouton sat down with City Manager Jay Stokes, Assistant City Manager Gary Jackson and City Attorney Jim Fox to discuss major accomplishments throughout 2018.

Mayor Mouton and City Manager Stokes addressed major achievements reached as part of the five-year Strategic Plan established in 2014. Discussing the plan's five areas of emphasis, including Economic Development, Governance and Leadership, Comprehensive Planning, Public Safety and Quality of Life/Image, Mayor Mouton and Stokes addressed major projects and milestones outlined in the document.

Mayor Mouton and Assistant City Manager Jackson discussed several other achievements, including upcoming developments and construction projects in Deer Park, the City's participation in Shell Deer Park's "Big Energy" exhibit, the City's communications efforts and more.

This year's live State of the City address also featured videos recognizing our City's Directors, hosted by our City Council members. Check out the videos below:

Videos 1 and 2: Recognizing Information Technology and Public Works Departments

City Council member Tommy Ginn and Information Technology Director James Lewis discuss the new City Hall facility. Then, City Council member Rae Sinor and Public Works Director Bill Pedersen discuss the new Deer Park Animal Shelter and Adoption Center and Phase II of the Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion

Videos 3 and 4: Recognizing Public Safety, Human Resources and the City Secretary's office

City Council member Ron Martin talks with Deer Park Police Chief Greg Grigg, Emergency Services Director Robert Hemminger, Deer Park EMS Assistant Chief Andrew Smith and Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Phillip Arroyo on the achievements in their departments. Then, City Council member Sherry Garrison takes a special tour of City Hall to talk with City Secretary Shannon Bennett and the Human Resources Department, including Director Bill Philibert and HR Generalist Crissy Naranjo.

Videos 5 and 6: Recognizing Quality of Life and Finance

City Council member Bill Patterson stands with Parks and Recreation Director Charlie Sandberg in the newly-completed Dow Park Pavilions to discuss major accomplishments and projects from throughout the year. Council member Patterson also stops by the Deer Park Public Library to discuss programming and events with Library Director Rebecca Pool.

As well, City Council member Thane Harrison and Finance Director Donna Todd discuss the City's strong financial management, evidenced by the City's re-affirmed AAA-bond rating.