Dow Park Pool

General Pool Information

Dow Park Pool is closed for the season.  Check back in May 2024 for opening dates.


  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday - Saturday:12 - 7 p.m.Five people sliding down giant slide into the pool
  • Sunday: 2 - 6 p.m.
    • On Dive In Movie Days, the pool closes at 6:00pm

Entry Fees

  • Residents: $3 per person
  • Non-Residents: $5 per person
  • Children under the age of 1 are free
  • Resident Senior Citizens: 55 and up are free
  • Non-Resident Seniors: $3 per person
  • Season Pass:
    • Residents
      • Family: $100
      • Individual: $50
    • Non-Residents
      • Family: $150
      • Individual: $90

Family Time

 Tuesdays are dollar off entry at the pool from 12 - 3 p.m. $1 off daily admission:

  • Residents: $2
  • Non-Residents: $4

Additional Information

Senior swim is no longer offered before the pool opens, but we will have swim lanes available during operating hours.

As the season approaches, updated pool rules - which will tell you what you need to bring, what you can bring, what you can wear and more information on how to best enjoy our pool - will be provided on this page.

Interested in renting the Dow Park Pool?  Check out our rental page. 

Pool Closure Dates, Contamination Policy and Weather Policy

Calling All Lifeguards

Lifeguarding is a professionally rewarding experience, and the Aquatic Division is extremely passionate about the safety of visitors and staff at our City Pool. Being a lifeguard means you’re trusted with the lives of others, so you’ll need to be extremely responsible, attentive and patient. You will be required to attend the lifeguard certification course for the job which includes both physical challenges and a written exam to ensure you’re capable of performing the necessary duties of the job.


How to become a Deer Park Lifeguard?

1. Apply Now!

The Aquatic Division’s hiring process is simple.  We are currently hiring for Lifeguards and Pool Managers.  Applicants' musts be 16 years of age or older to be a lifeguard.

     * Online Application

     * Lifeguard Job Description

     * Swim Lesson Instructor Job Description

     * Pool Manager Job Description

2. Come to an Open House! (Lifeguards only)

 If you are interested in being a lifeguard this summer, we invite you to come to one of the two Open Houses we are hosting.

  • To be Determined 

The sessions will start at 6:00pm and last approximately an hour and a half.  Our Open House is designed to give applicants a preview of what Deer Park Aquatics is all about.  Attendance at one of these sessions is highly recommended and provides an opportunity for you to sign up for an individual interview.  Please dress appropriately while attending Open House.

During this Open House, you will be swimming and we will be having group interviews.  We highly recommend that you apply for the position prior to attending Open House.

3. Get Trained!

 The Aquatic Division takes lifeguard training and certification seriously.  Training for our facility can only be obtained in house at our facility by our instructors.  The City of Deer Park Pool is an Ellis and Associates certified facility.  We will hold only two certification courses for staff that are hired in for our facility:

Lifeguard Certification Course

  • You must be able to swim 100 meters and dive 5 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object. 
  • Be 16 years old or older 
  • Be willing and able to pass the certification course (taught at the Dow Park Pool)
  • These are the only two certification courses offered for the summer.  If you are unable to attend either, we will be unable to hire you. 

   If you’re interested and/or have questions prior to the Open House, please email Debra Culp at