City Construction Projects

The following are some of the projects the City of Deer Park has undertaken:

Parks and Recreation Department

Type B Dedicated Sales Tax Projects

  • Deer Park Soccer Complex, 901 East Blvd. - The new $4 million complex is complete with parking lot, concession/restroom facility, and plaza area. Construction for the project started in January 2018 and was completed by Tandem Services, LLC in August 2019. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on August 20, 2019. The 2 sodded fields on the west end have been completed and are being utilized by the Youth Soccer League. In addition, the 2 sprigged fields will be ready this spring. Decomposed granite will be added by summer to allow for better access between the fields furthest to the east. 
  • Hike and Bike Trails, Phase 1 - On February 5, 2019, City Council approved a contract with Burditt Consultants, LLC for professional services in the development of the comprehensive hike and bike trail system. Burditt Consultants is working on project design and management, as well as other services as required by the scope of work for site feasibility and trail master plan implementation. Anticipated cost for this project is $500,000. The committee, consisting of members from City Council, the Deer Park Community Development Corporation, Parks and Recreation Commission, and City staff, selected Phase 1 as a 1.04 mile Tributary B to Willowspring Creek. Contract for construction design services with Burditt Consultants, LLC for Phase 1 was approved by the Community Development Corporation on October 28, 2019 and by City Council on November 5, 2019. Design for Phase 1 is underway. The project is expected to go out for bid in the 2nd quarter, with construction anticipated to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2020. However, the timing for the project is dependent on the proposed agreement between CenterPoint Energy and the City of Deer Park on the terms for trail access.
  • Community Recreation Center and Aquatic Study – On November 6, 2018, City Council authorized a professional services agreement with Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects for the development of a community center and aquatic needs assessment. The assessment would include 3 conceptual project options, as well as the budgets, conceptual site plan assessments, study assumptions, and a schedule of meetings. Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects made several presentations to City Council, the Deer Park Community Development Corporation, and the Parks and Recreation Commission. At the January 13, 2020 joint meeting of City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Deer Park Community Development Corporation, Stephen Springs of Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects, along with City Staff, presented a conceptual design and rendering of a proposed Community/Recreation Center with indoor pool, gym, indoor walking track, as well as bathhouse replacement for the outdoor swimming pool. Projected construction and operating costs, cost recovery options, and funding options were presented and discussed. This was the 8th joint meeting held to discuss the community center. The consensus was to pursue a Type B sales tax continuation election to provide funding.

Note: Other Type B projects previously completed include the Maxwell Adult Center, Girls Softball Complex, Spencerview Athletic Complex, and the Dow Park Pavilion.

Other Projects

  • The Deer Park Nature Preserve, located at 2500 E. 13th Street, was completed in August 2019. City staff worked with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to restore the native wetland vegetation in this 17-acre wetland. Funding for the Deer Park Nature Preserve included a $400,000 Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant, as well as $500,000 in City bond funds. A dedication ceremony was held on October 15, 2019 at 5 p.m. The Nature Preserve is open to the general public. This 35+ acre facility has native flora and fauna for sightseers to enjoy as they walk along the boardwalk and view the wetlands from the outer trail. The Nature Preserve will be closed due to inclement weather and heavy rains causing extremely saturated conditions. Please abide by the rules stated on the signage at the Nature Preserve. The Nature Preserve is home to some wildlife, so be careful and do not bring food into the area or feed the animals.
  • The City of Deer Park received a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for the future Northeast Hike and Bike Trail. RVi Planning was selected as the landscape architecture firm to develop the design and layout of the trail. According to the preliminary conceptual design, the trail will begin at Park Green Park and extend south to Runningbrook Park, offering several trail and path connections along the way. Surveyors gathered data from the trail site to use in the final design and construction documents. The project is currently in the design phase and construction is expected to begin during the 1st quarter in 2020.
  • A comprehensive Wayfinding Program was developed to educate and direct visitors to Deer Park, as well as engage those that are unaware of what the city has to offer. The Deer Park Civic Wayfinding System is intended to celebrate the history and vibrancy of the area, while giving special attention to the parks, recreation, and open spaces of Deer Park. The city’s approach was to implement the wayfinding system in phases over a period of several fiscal years. The wayfinding signs are classified as primary vehicular signs, secondary vehicular signs, tertiary vehicular signs, and monument signs (located in front of a park or city building). National Sign Plazas completed Phase 1 of the project, which included installing 15 wayfinding signs (3 primary signs and 12 secondary signs), as well as 4 monument signs. The project is being funded out of hotel occupancy tax (HOT) revenues. National Sign Plazas and City staff are identifying the locations for Phase 2 signs and working out the logistics with third party property owners. A meeting was held in January 2020 with the city’s Wayfinding Committee to discuss the closeout of Phase 1 and the preparation of a recommendation to City Council for Phase 2.
  • The Dow Park Concession and Storage Building was in poor condition due to normal wear and tear and had to be demolished. JTB Services, Inc. performed the demolition, which was completed in September 2019. Carnes Engineering was hired to design the new structure. City Council authorized City Staff to seek bids for the construction of a new 1,200 square foot Dow Park concession stand on December 17, 2019. The project is being funded by general funds and will be going out for bid this spring. Anticipated completion is summer of 2020. 
  • The condition of the Irrigation Pumps at the Battleground Golf Course was reviewed in June 2019. This project will remain as an ongoing part of maintenance. A water feature/backup pump has been installed. The main irrigation pumps are being manufactured and expected to be completed this spring. Currently, a back-up irrigation pump is taking the place of the additional pumps until the new pumps are completed and installed. The Golf Course is still receiving the proper irrigation amounts for turf growth.
  • Work continues on the development of plans for the Spencerview Bridge, a bridge to connect the Spencerview Sports Complex (Durant Fields) to the adjoining property donated to the City of Deer for development of additional parking and a park/playground area. A consulting architect was hired to study the floodplain requirement for approval by the Harris County Flood Control District.
  • One of the exterior columns in the Front Entry at the Court and Theater Building was damaged. After further evaluation, a structural engineer determined that deterioration damaged the structural integrity of the columns. The recommendation was to completely remove the column structures. Plans are being prepared for the removal of the columns, as well as drainage improvements. Once the plans are completed, bids will be solicited.
  • Included in the city’s current budget is the Pony Field/P Street Parking Lot project to repave the area adjacent to the Pony Field and Dow Soccer Fields with asphalt. The area is unsuitable for parking at this time. The project is expected to begin this spring and completed this summer.

Public Works Department


Project NameStartedCompletedCost
Rehabilitation of the P Street Ground Storage Water TankApril 2019Oct. 2019$339,000.00
Sanitary Sewer Pipe-Bursting of 18-inch Force Main, Phase 2June 2019Dec. 2019$657,225.00
Flashing Stop Signs at Luella and San AugustineNov. 2019Dec. 2019$4,640.00

In Progress

  • Street Replacement Project, Started: May 2018, Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020, Cost: $5.1 million - The City of Deer Park received $7.5 million from the sale of Series 2015 Certificates of Obligation for the Street Replacement Project and the construction of the new Animal Shelter. A portion of the funds, along with $1,633,813 allocated in the Capital Improvement Fund (FY 2017-2018), funds the Street Replacement Project. The streets affected are West 9th Street from Boston Avenue to Center Street and West 12th Street from the dead end to Center Street, Arbor Drive, Baron Lane, Cork Lane, Dahlia Lane, Ember Lane, Fleet Lane, Glacier Lane, Hastings Lane, Iris Lane, Justin Lane, Kelvin Lane, Amherst Lane, and Brown Lane. This project was awarded to D&W Contractors. Construction on 9th and 12th Streets is complete, while construction in the Ridgeway Subdivision, which encompasses Arbor Drive, Baron Lane, Cork Lane, Dahlia Lane, Ember Lane, Fleet Lane, Glacier Lane, Hastings Lane, Iris Lane, Justin Lane and Kelvin Lane, is approximately 95% complete. Construction on Amherst and Brown Lanes is about 80% complete. Despite the additional areas around College Park that were added to the project, completion is expected in early 2020.
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project, Park Meadows Subdivision, Sections 1-4, Started: March 2019, Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020, Cost: $1,957,242.05 - The project involves pipe-bursting 23,680 linear feet of sanitary sewer pipe and manhole rehabilitation in the Park Meadows Subdivision, Sections 1-4. The existing sanitary pipe is made of clay and its poor condition is causing line failures and sewer overflows. The project is part of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) initiative to rehabilitate sewer lines in areas/subdivisions with overflow issues and severely deteriorated pipe. Services for this project were purchased from Vaught Services, Inc. through the TIPS Cooperative Purchasing Program. This project is being funded with Series 2018 Certificates of Obligation Bond Funds. Additional areas of sanitary pipe that are in need of rehabilitation have been added to the project. With additional areas, 95% of the project has been completed.
  • Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation, Phase 4, Started: June 2019, Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020, Cost: $249,983.88 - This phase of the project focuses on 56 manholes that will be lined with structural epoxy liner. The existing manholes have deteriorated over the years and are in need of repair. This is part of the city’s annual maintenance to guard against failures and overflows. The epoxy liner system prevents additional damage by sewer gases and manhole failure, therefore prolonging the life of the system. Services were purchased from Fuquay, Inc. through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Program. The project is being funded with Series 2018 Certificates of Obligation Water/Sewer Bond Funds. Roughly 95% of the project has been completed.
  • Street Marking and Lane Striping Project, Started: July 2019, Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020, Cost: $147,487.37 - This project includes portions of Georgia Ave., San Augustine St., 13th St., East Blvd. and Center Street. The intersections and crosswalks on these streets, as well as the major intersections along Center St. and Luella Ave., will be a part of the project. Additionally, striping will be added to a portion of Lambuth Ave. near Dabbs Elementary to assist with right-turn and through traffic control. The project was awarded to Semper Striping, LLC and is being funded through the General Fund. Additional areas of striping were added to this project, encompassing portions of X Street, Luella Ave., and George Ave.
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) Sludge Removal, Started: November 2019, Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020, Cost: $565,397.50 Plus Disposal Fee - This project is for the removal and disposal of sludge, a treated drinking water byproduct, from the north lagoon cell of the SWTP. It will allow for additional sludge storage capacity for continued water treatment processes. The project was awarded to Person’s Services and is being funded through the Surface Water Treatment Plant’s general budget. Approximately 19,765 tons of sludge will be removed from the lagoon cell. Roughly 50% of the sludge has been removed.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project, Phase 2, Started: August 2017, Anticipated Completion: Mid-to-Late 2020, Cost: $13,636,685 - This project is identified in the 10-year Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Plan. The project was split into two phases and is being funded with Certificates of Obligation. Phase I of the project was awarded to CSA Construction and was completed in February 2017 at a cost of $4,998,654. In June 2017, Phase II of the project was awarded to LEM Construction. A few setbacks resulted in delays for project progress, which have made it difficult to accurately estimate a completion date.
  • Police Firearms Training Facility, Started: Fall 2019, Anticipated Completion: Summer 2020, Cost: $788,788.78 - This project is for the restoration of the Police Firing Range. Construction of the firing range and classroom was completed in 2016, but there was significant damage to the berms during Hurricane Harvey that required maintenance and restoration. The berm restoration project was awarded to Jerdon Enterprises and is funded through a partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Construction for this project began in January 2020 and is expected to be finished by this summer. 
  • Hurricane Harvey, Storm Drainage Projects, Started: June 2018, Anticipated Completion: Undetermined, Engineering Services Cost: $504,290 - CobbFendley was hired to perform engineering services to develop ways to alleviate flooding associated with the 2017 Hurricane Harvey rain event. In June 2018, the initial agreement focused engineering design services on Heritage Addition and Deer Meadows Subdivisions. Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine Subdivisions were added in February 2019. In June 2019, the agreement was amended to also include an analysis of historical repetitive flooded areas in the city. CobbFendly reported the findings of their study to City Council on November 19, 2020.
    • Heritage Addition, Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine Subdivisions: 
      • Heritage Addition - Construction plans are 60% complete and include lining corrugated metal arch pipes south of Lambuth, upsized storm sewer on Lincoln and Lambuth, new detention pond on Lambuth, and storm sewer improvements at Travis & N. Crockett. Cost estimate is $2.2 million.
      • Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine - Construction plans are 30% complete and include new storm sewer and outfall on Kitty Street, new storm sewer, channel and outfall on Luella Ave., and new detention pond on Pasadena Blvd. Cost estimate is $1.3 million.
    • College Park: Study Phase - Presented existing, proposed, and mitigation scenario models. Cost estimate is $5.3 million to $5.9 million for pavement and drainage items.
    • Parkview West: Study Phase - Presented existing, proposed, and mitigation scenario models. Cost estimate is $6.9 million for pavement and drainage items.
    • Intersection of P Street and Center Street: Study Phase - Presented existing, proposed, and mitigation scenario models. Cost estimate is $11 million for pavement and drainage items. 
    • Deer Park Gardens: Design Phase - Presented existing scenario models. Cost estimate is $12 million for pavement and drainage items.
    • Boggy Bayou: Design and Study Phases - Presented existing scenario models. Cost estimate is $9.6 million to $14+ million.