Patrol Division


The Patrol Division, under the direction of Lieutenant Frank Hart, has three objectives for the Community of Deer Park. These objectives are:

  • Developing and Enhancing Community Partnerships
  • Improving the Quality of Life
  • Attaining the Highest Level of Efficiency in Service Provisions

The Patrol Division ensures the Police Department's mission of community / problem-oriented policing is carried out through its seven sergeants. There are currently 28 officers assigned to Patrol. Other divisions within the Patrol Unit include a Traffic Division, K-9 Patrol, School Resource Officers, Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, Hostage Negotiations, Honor Guard, Crime Prevention, and a Warrant Program.

Patrol Districts

In keeping with our community / problem-oriented policing objectives, the Patrol Division is divided up into a number of geographic areas called "beats" and "districts," which officers are individually responsible for. Dividing the city this way allows the officer to get to know those citizens and businesses within his/her sector and allows them to better identify and analyze underlying problems which require police action. View more information regarding beat and district assignments.


The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the streets in a proactive approach, answering calls for service, taking initial reports and collecting any evidence at the time of the call. The division also provides house checks, traffic assignments and periodically conducts child safety seat inspections for the public in conjunction with the Greater Houston's SAFE KIDS program. For a list of locations performing safety seat inspections on a daily basis, view Safety Seat Inspections (Spanish version).

Bias Based / Racial Profiling

Bias based / racial profiling is defined as a law enforcement initiated action (ex. traffic stop, pedestrian stop, detention, search, seizure, issuance of a citation, arrest) based solely upon an individual's race, ethnicity, or national origin, or on the basis of other criteria (ex. racial or ethnic stereotypes) rather than upon the individuals behavior, activity, or other lawful reasons for the law enforcement action.

Deer Park Police Officers are strictly prohibited from engaging in bias based / racial profiling. In order to assure the public of the Deer Park Police Department's commitment to providing service and enforcing laws in a fair and equitable manner, citizens who believe they have been the subject of bias based / racial profiling may file a complaint with any employee of the Deer Park Police Department. They may also contact Internal Affairs at 281-930-2102.