Tires / Oil Collection

Automotive Waste Oil Collection

Disposing of oil properly is a critical problem, and people will probably not stop dumping toxic waste until a convenient solution is derived. The Sanitation Division has solved this problem by providing an additional service to their curbside pickup. The collection trucks are now equipped with a waste oil repository to gain control over hazardous waste, protect the environment, and improve community service. The system is simple:

  • Waste oil is placed at the curbside along with regular household trash. The oil should be placed in a screw tight disposable container (such as an old milk carton).
  • Waste oil is then placed in the oil storage tank and allowed to drain from the household container while the collection crew proceeds to the next house.
  • Once the oil container is drained, it is discarded in the rear hopper and compacted along with the other household refuse.

Tire Disposal

The Sanitation Division is not able to dispose of tires. Please contact the Transfer Station at 281-478-7213 for more information.