Building in Deer Park


BuildingLatest version of the International Building Code 2018 (residential and commercial)
ElectricLatest version of the National Electrical Code 2020 as published by the National Protection Association
Energy2018 International Energy Conservation Code
Fire2018 International Fire Prevention Code
Mechanical2018 International Building Mechanical Code
Plumbing2018 International Plumbing Code and Standard Code as published by the International Code Congress
Property2018 International Property Maintenance Code


Deer Park is a zoned community with the following zone designations:

PredevelopmentPDPredevelopment district.
SF-1Single-family district

SF-2Single-family district

SF-3Single-family district

TF-1Two-family district

MF-1Multiple-family low-density district

MF-2Multiple-family high-density district

MPMobile home parks district

PUDPlanned Unit Development
CommercialOPOffice and professional district

NSNeighborhood shopping district

CSCommunity service district

HSHighway service district

GCGeneral commercial
Industrial Districts
M-1Industrial park district

M-2General industrial district

Intensive industrial district

View our Zoning Map to see zone designations. You should also call our building official to verify the zoning of the property. You can view the City Code to find the description for each zone designation.

Building Permits

For permit requirements, you can visit our Building Permits page.