Neighborhood Watch

More about Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch groups are a smart way to help protect the safety of your community.

Our Goal

The Deer Park Police Department’s goal is to provide the highest quality of police services so as to improve the quality of life for the community of Deer Park. The men and women of the police department are committed to building relationships within our community. The Deer Park Police Department encourages the community to become active in Neighborhood Watch program. Active participation of residents toward crime prevention is a key to being successful in reduction of crime.

A Neighborhood Watch team is employed to act as an extra set of "eyes and ears" when a police presence is not always available. But a Neighborhood Watch group does more than canvass its community. In most cases, involvement creates opportunity to get to know those living in your geographical area, helping to open the lines of communication with the police department and better overall cooperation among residents in crime prevention efforts. Participating in a Neighborhood Watch group builds confidence and encourages residents to take an active interest in one another’s properties and livelihoods.

What can you do

There are many ways to be involved in your Neighborhood Watch program. Walking the neighborhood or driving through the neighborhood at different times of the day will help you become aware of patterns in your neighborhood and also suspicious activity. Taking your dog for a walk is an excellent opportunity to assist in your community’s Neighborhood Watch efforts. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Deer Park Police Department for further investigation.

Let would-be criminals know you have an active Neighborhood Watch program by posting Neighborhood Watch road signs with warnings. As an additional deterrent to crime, place a Neighborhood Watch sticker on your front door, a front window, or post a sign on your lawn. This small but significant act is an excellent deterrent and lets would-be intruders know that you and your community are watching.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

Many neighborhoods already have a Neighborhood Watch program in place. For those that don’t, speaking with your community association will help you gather more information about specific needs. Contacting Crime Prevention Officer K.L. Zheng will also be beneficial in helping initiate the task and to plan Neighborhood Watch meetings. Contact Officer Zheng at 281-930-2123.